On different occasions we have to create new users to manage our Wordpress because we have to facilitate access to some third party or because Wordpress is managed for more than one person. In the following guide we will show how to create Wordpress usuraries from the administrator user of this:

First of all we must go to the left column of the Wordpress administrator. We need to go on "Users" and click on "Add New":

The different options we need to configure from the new use will then appear, such as the username you want to assign (with which you will be logged in) or the email associated with this:

An important field is the "Role" field, as it allows user permissions to be assigned:

  • Subscriber: It is a user who can see content on the web, for example, if we require users to register to view our content. It's also useful when we make a web and we want to teach the final customer (so they don't touch anything).
  • Contributor: It can create its own entries, but not publish them, they must be approved by an Administrator or Editor.
  • Author: Can create and publish your own entries; you do not need permissions from other users
  • Editor: Editor can publish its entries and more pages, has access to content created by users of "lower range".
  • Administrator: It's the user who can do everything, we should only have one, and he's the only one capable of doing configuration tasks (plugins, themes, playing code etc.)

Finally we must click on the "Add" button to save changes.