At cdmon we take security and your privacy very seriously. That is why we have implemented a security PIN, so that you can validate it when you open a ticket or call us, and thus ensure that you are the cdmon user.

In this tutorial you will be able to see where to find your PIN, its automatic modification dates or how to modify it. 

Important: For security reasons your PIN will automatically change every six months.

To see your PIN you must access your cdmon control panel and in the "User options" dropdown click on the option User and security.

In the "Security PIN" section you will find your Security PIN, which you must provide when you make a telephone query or open a ticket.

If you want to change the PIN you must click on the option Modify PIN. In this section you can also see the date of the automatic modification.

In "Modify PIN" you will see that you have two options for modifying the PIN, you can either modify it manually by entering the one you want or click on the option Generate secure PIN.  If you modify the PIN manually, you must take into account the validation criteria; the PIN must have 4 digits that are not the same or consecutive. Once the PIN has been modified, click on the Save changes option.

For more information, you can contact us