1.-General Information

The .no domain refers to the country of Norway and is managed by the organisation Norid.no.

 Reason for registering a .no domain.

It is the ideal extension for conducting business or trade relations in Norway.

 Register a .no domain

To register a .no domain, please visit the domain registration website. It has a tutorial showing the steps to take to register a domain.

2.- Restrictions

Restrictions on registering .no domains

  • The owner must be a Norwegian organisation with a valid number in the Brønnøysund Registration Centre (Enhetsregisteret).
  • The contact owner and administrator must have a contact address in Norway.
  • The contact administrator must be related to the organisation of the domain owner.
  • Owners who are natural persons residing in Norway must provide their PID number.
  • .no domains may have a maximum of 63 characters and a minimum of 2.
  • Changes of ownership involve a trade and the domain expiry date is reset starting from the date of the change. Therefore, it is not advisable to make the change of ownership right after registration or renewal, since the year paid for would be lost. Furthermore, to start the change of ownership process or trade, a fax must be sent to the Registry.

Restrictions on .no domain renewals.
  • Domains may be renewed for a maximum of one year.
  • They may only be renewed two months before the expiry date.

Restrictions on transfers of .no domains.
  • Expired .no domains may not be transferred to CDmon.
  • .no domains may not be transferred when they have the ClientTransferProhibited status.