A subdomain is a word written before the domain (for example: photos.mydomain.com, where photos is a subdomain of mydomain.com), in order to categorize web content or services.

The cdmon subdomain service allows you to create subdomains that point to a specific folder on your hosting.

To create a subdomain in your cdmon Control Panel, in the hosting management, under the 'Domains' section, go to the Subdomains option.

1.- Create a subdomain 

Click on Add subdomain.

Enter the subdomain, the destination folder to which it will point and click on the Add subdomain option. If the folder does not exist, it will be created automatically.

The created subdomains appear in the list, from where you can edit or delete them.

2.- Advanced information

  • The creation of a subdomain involves the creation of a DNS record, this process is done automatically.
  • If the domain uses cdmon's DNS, you will only have to wait for DNS propagation, a process that can take approximately 5 minutes. If, on the other hand, the DNS management of the domain is outside cdmon, you will have to configure the DNS record with the IP assigned to the hosting. You can find the IP on the same screen.

NOTE: Microplans do not have this option active. Being a free hosting with the registration of a domain, it has very little space for the web, so the creation of subdomains associated with folders is not available. If you try to access this function in the panel it will appear disabled:

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