An A Record (Address Record) is the most common record in DNS management and is a per-IP redirect.

To do an IP redirection you have to access the DNS management of the domain you want to redirect. To do this, go directly to the DNS management from the "List of services" in the control panel and follow the steps below.

1.- Add record

In the list of "DNS Records" click on New record and in "Record type" choose the option type A.

You have three options to create the record:

  • The domain (@ record and www): indicates which IP you want the domain to point to.

  • A specific subdomain: if you only want the IP redirection on the www or any other subdomain.

  • Undefined subdomains: if you want all subdomains that are not defined in the registry to point to the same IP.

 2.- Propagation

You already have the IP redirection ready. Now, you only have to wait for the changes to propagate, an action that can take about 5 minutes.

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