The MX Record (Mail Exchanger Record) is the record that allows the reception of mail. It specifies the mail servers that the domain has.

An MX record always points to an A record, it never points to a CNAME.

To configure the mail record or MX record of your domain, go directly to the DNS management by clicking on the DNS option from the "List of services" of your control panel and follow the steps below.

1.- Add record

In the list of "DNS Records" click on New record and in "Record type" choose the MX type option.

To create the MX record, specify the subdomain, the destination address, the priority and save the record.

  • TTL value: you must indicate the period of time that the DNS servers must use the record before checking for updates.
  • Subdomain: you must indicate the subdomain you want to address, in the case of being the main record of the domain it would be the @.
  • Destination address: you must enter the hosting of the mail server.
  • Priority: you must specify the preference value. The lower the value, the higher the priority. The default is 10. The priority setting is mainly used when you have more than one mail server.

2.- Propagation

Once you have clicked on Save record you will have the MX record created. Now, you only have to wait for the changes to propagate, an action that can take about five minutes approximately.

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