SPF is the acronym for Sender Policy Framework, a protection against address forgery for sending email. It identifies SMTP email servers authorized for the transport of messages through  the domain name records (DNS).

Its meant, for example, to stop messages from a sender false_user@example.com from sending emails using machines not authorized by our domain for that purpose.

To configure an SPF record, go directly to Manage DNS from the "List of services" of your control panel and follow the steps below.


1.- Add record

In the "DNS Records" list click on New Record and in "Record Type" choose the TXT/SPF option.


Indicate the subdomain, the value and save the record.


How is it configured?

This protocol is configured using the TXT (DNS) record and generally looks as follows.

 Subdomain: @

Value: v=spf1 mx a ptr ip4: include:cdmon.com include:srv.cat ~all



defines the SPF version used (version1)

record of the DNS for the domain

ptr authorizes the machines under the domain

IP4 v4 IP addresses

IP6 v6 IP addresses

~all Disallows machines that do not fit with that which has been explicitly authorized


Once you have entered all the data, save and the information will be stored.

You can find more information at open-spf.org/SPF_Record_Syntax


You already have the SPF record created. Now, you only have to wait for the changes to propagate, an action that may take about five minutes.

For more information, please contact us.