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There is a tutorial that explains all the requirements and steps of domain transfers to CDmon: Transfer a domain to CDmon


Question: What does it mean to transfer a domain?

Answer: Transfer a domain means to make a registrar change. This is, you can buy a domain at, for example, www .buy-domains .com, and then decide that offers you better prices/services/advantages, etc.


Q:Why transfer it to

A: Our main advantages are the wide range of free services that we give you together with your domain registration/transfer. This is very valued by our clients, since the majority of other registrars are paid services or of unacceptable quality.


Q: I have a domain registered at another registrar that is not CDmon, can I transfer it?

A: Yes, you can. You will need the authorization code of the domain (except for .es and .cc domains) that your current registrar can give you. Once you have the code, request a transfer from the transfer request page in our website.


Q: What do I need to take into account before starting the transfer process?

A: Before starting the transfer process of a domain to you must make sure that it is not expired, that it is not locked (registrar-lock) and that you have access to the domain’s administrative contact email.


Q: What is the authorization code of a domain? (AUTH CODE, Secret Code, Auth Info, Auth ID, Key Info)

A: It is a code needed for transferring a domain. You currently need to ask the AUTH CODE for the transfer of the domains com, .net, .org, .cat, .eu, .info, .mobi, .tel, .biz, .us, .tv, .name, .pw, .in, .fm, .bz, .co, .mx,, .pe, .it, .fr and .pt. You get this code from your current registrar except for the .eu extension.

At CDmon we show you the AUTH CODE by accessing your control panel, registered domains section by clicking on Show AUTH CODE. If you do not have this code, we cannot make a successful domain transfer. It is necessary to have one and that this is correct.

Q: How long does it take to transfer a domain?

A: The length of time usually depends on how effective the procedures are. In the transfer process there are 3 parts involved: you, us ( and your current registrar. When you start the transfer process, we send you a confirmation email asking for your agreement to transfer us the domain. Then we get in contact with your current registrar, asking them to hand over the domain registration to us. They will probably contact you again to confirm that you agree with the transfer, and lastly, if everything is correct, the domain is transferred and renewed.

With the latest ICANN revision about domain transfers, now, if the email we send you is not answered within 5 days with your acceptance or refusal of the domain transfer, it will be transferred automatically. The time limit is then between 3 to 7 days.


Q: What happens if the domain has already expired?

A: If your domain has already expired, the best thing to do is renew the domain with your current registrar and wait 45 days before making the transfer request.


Q: What does it mean that the domain is locked?

A: Some registrars allow domain locking to avoid “involuntary” DNS changes, contacts, owners and unlawful transfers. If you, or your current registrar company, have locked your domain and request a transfer, this will process and will be automatically canceled. Therefore, before initiating your domain’s transfer to makes sure that the domain is not locked in your current registrar’s website.


Q: What does the email I have received from mean?

A: When we start a domain transfer, you get a message from at the current administrative contact email of the domain, that tells you tat you need to go to a web page indicating there whether you accept the domain transfer or not. It is important that you do this the sooner the better. If you do not accept the transfer, it will not be completed successfully.


Q: What does the email I have received from my current registrar mean?

A: You may get another email later on, this time from your current registrar, indicating you the steps to follow, to confirm that you agree to the transfer. Please read carefully this email, following the instructions. If you failed to follow these steps, the domain would still be transferred automatically by the fifth day.


Q: What happens if the domain transfer process fails?

A: The transfer can fail at some point along the process, not getting completed successfully. In this case we will send you an automatic email that describes the reasons why the process might have failed. If necessary, you can contact our client service at


Q: How is it that I can transfer a domain for many years?

A: Usually a domain transfer entails a one year renewal of the domain. allows you to make a transfer for more than a year, since when the process ends, we automatically renew your domain for 5 years: when the renewal process ends, we renew your domain for 4 years more, completing a total of 5 years.


Q: Can I make transfers from CDmon to other registrars?

A: If for any reason you wish to transfer a domain registered at to another registrar, you will receive an email from the registrar from whom you have requested to transfer (at the email account that figures as the domain administrative contact), asking for your confirmation about the aforementioned transfer. If you accept the transfer, the process will proceed with no problem. Take into account that it is very important to accept or refuse the email that you receive since that if you have not started the transfer process it could be that someone is trying to steal the domain from you.


Q: What happens if during the transfer process my domain expires?

A: An expired domain cannot be transferred. If you requested the domain transfer before its expiration and it was accepted by the administrative contact at the time of the request, you shouldn’t worry. The domain is in transfer and will be renewed at the end of the process.

However, if anything happened during the transfer, and either the administrative contact did not accept the request before it expired, or there was some error during the process because of a lock or Auth Code error, you may not be able to complete the request.

In this state you should renew the domain in your current registrar, request the cancellation of the transfer from your control panel (you will then be refunded the amount).


Q: My current registrar says that to transfer a domain .eu I don’t need an AUTH CODE. Why do you ask for one? How can I get it?

A: Some registrars do not ask for an AUTH CODE for the transfer of a .eu domain. In these cases the owner gets a message to accept it.

However, this is another allowed method for checking that the owner accepts the transfer, since only the owner can obtain it. In this case only by obtaining the Auth Code is enough for the transfer to complete successfully.

You have all the information you need about how to obtain an .eu domain Auth Code in our help with .eu domain transfers.


Q: My domain expires before 10 days and from the website I’m not allowed to request the transfer

A: We do not recommend you transfer a domain if it is going to expire in the next 10 days in case there could be a problem with the request and it couldn’t be completed successfully. In these cases it is recommended to renew the domain in your current registrar and request the transfer later.

Remember that you don’t need to wait until the last moment for requesting a transfer because the expiration date of the domain remains the same and at no instance would you lose the money you paid in your previous registration.


Q: My current registrar does not give me the AUTH CODE / Unlocking. Can I request a transfer? What can I do?

A: A transfer cannot be requested without an authorization code, and if the domain is locked, it cannot proceed.

In cases like these where the current provider does not help in the domain transfer you should make a claim to so they provide you with the necessary for transferring the domain successfully.


Q: I do not have access to the administrative contact email of the domain

A: If you do not have access to the email account of the domain administrative contact, you will need to change it in your current registrar for one to which you do.

You have more information on how to make this change in our website at help with transfers.


Q: I wish to request the transfer of many domains simultaneously. How can I do this?

A: You can request a transfer of many domains simultaneously using our massive transfers system.


Q: When transferring the domain, do the DNS change?

A: No. To ensure your domain remains operational, CDmon does not modify a domain’s DNS during the transfer process.

Once, the transfer has finished you will be able to change its DNS from the control panel.


Q: Why do I need to pay for a domain transfer?

A: Domain transfers at CDmon have a cost because they include one year renovation for the domain.


Q: If I request a transfer, what expiration date will I have after completing the process?

A: Since the transfer includes the renewal for a year of the domain, the expiration date will be one year later than the expiration date it had before requesting the transfer.


Q: Do I need to wait for the domain to expire to request a transfer?

A: No. Our recommendation is that you always request the transfer 10 days before your domain’s expiration date.

Remember that you don’t need to wait until the last moment for requesting a transfer since the domain’s expiration date remains the same and in no instance would you lose the amount you paid for in your previous registration.


Q: If didn’t have time to accept the approval, do I need to buy the transfer again from CDmon’s website?

A: No. Transfers, once requested can be managed from the control panel of the domain in CDmon, at the section “Registered domains”, clicking on the button “Manage” associated to the domain. From this section you will be able to process the transfer again by clicking on “Reprocess”.

You have more information about transfer management at the control panel in our website.


Q: Who needs to give me the authorization code (AUTH CODE) for my domain?

A: The authorization code must be given to you by the company where you have your domain registered.

The domain is registered at CDmon, the authorization code can be obtained from the control panel.


Q: I wish to transfer a domain to CDmon, can you give me the authorization code?

A: No. You must ask the authorization code from your current registrar.


Q: The company where I have the domain registered says that an authorization code is not needed for the domain transfer, is that possible?

A: Yes, it is possible if it is a .es, or .cc domain. For the rest of extensions the Auth Code exists and it is an indispensable requirement (that must be provided by your current registrar) in order to request a transfer.


Q: How can I obtain an authorization code for my domain in CDmon?

A: If the domain is registered at CDmon, you can find the authorization code at the control panel.


Q: The authorization code that I have entered when requesting the transfer did not work, why?

A: If in the transfer process, the entered Auth Code is not correct, the process fires an error and a message is sent to the client notifying about such error.

From the CDmon control panel you can manage the requested transfers and verify the entered code. Check in case there could be an error, and in the case there wasn’t contact your registrar so that they give you a correct code.

Later you can start the transfer process from your control panel again, entering a new Auth Code.


Q: Can I ask for a domain transfer to CDmon if I don’t have the authorization code?

A: No. The Auth Code is an indispensable requirement in order to carry out a transfer.

The only exceptions are  .es,  or .cc domain transfers which can be made without an Auth Code.


Q: What happens if I renewed a gTLD domain once it was expired and I transfer it to CDmon before 45 days have passed since the renewal date?

A: The transfer of a gTLD domain always implies its renewal for one year. It is not possible to transfer it without the domain’s renewal.

However, if your domain expired and was renewed once expired, and you transferred it to CDmon before 45 days since the renewal date, the renewal in your previous registrar is canceled and the amount paid refunded to your previous registrar. So the domain will be renewed because of the transfer and not because of the renewal you paid to your previous registrar.

Take this into account, as you will need to ask a refund for the renewal from your previous registrar.


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