Question: What is a Microplan?

Answer: The Microplan is a free hosting that can be activated with every domain that you purchase. It works like any other hosting and it has its own features.


Q: How does it get activated?

A: The Microplan can be activated directly from the domain’s control panel. Simply access the domain’s manager and you’ll find a button there to enable it.

The activation is immediate.


Q: Does it need to be renewed?

A: A Microplan is associated to a domain and it gets renewed each time you renew a domain.


Q: What features does it have?

A: Microplan has the following features:

- 10 MB web space

- 1 GB monthly transfer

- 1 email account with 100 MB of space

- Does not have MySQL

- Does not have PHP


Q: Can it be upgraded?

A: A Microplan can be upgraded by purchasing a higher hosting plan. You can do so from the hosting control panel.


Q: If I have a hosting with another plan, can I change it to a Microplan?

A: If you already have a hosting for a domain but you wish to host it in the Microplan instead, you will first need to change your current hosting name, then you will be able to activate the Microplan. Once the website is in the Microplan you will be able to cancel the previous hosting.


Q: Can I disable the Microplan?

A: Yes. In the Microplan hosting control panel you will find an option to disable it. Remember that if you delete it you will lose the hosting’s content and the emails you had in the email account.