To modify the DNS servers, you must access the domain options from the "List of services" panel.

In the "Domain options" section, click on the Manage DNS servers option.

The following screen will appear on the right side of the panel, where you can modify the DNS servers assigned to your domain and where you must click on Save data to execute the changes.

You can also set the cdmon DNS servers directly by selecting the Assign cdmon DNS option.

If you enter DNS servers that cannot be updated, you will get an error that will depend on each case:

  • The entered DNS cannot contain the dash character (-): a domain cannot start or end by a dash.

  • The entered DNS server contains non-valid characters: you cannot enter DNS servers with non-valid characters, such as  # & ! () ?¿, etc.

  • The DNS server you have entered does not exist. You should create it first as a delegation/host of the domain: It is not allowed to enter a DNS server that has not been previously created as the domain’s delegation.

  • At least two DNS servers: the minimum number of DNS Servers you can use in a domain is 2. If you have entered more than 2 and you get this message, check that you have not entered duplicate servers.

  • None of the servers is new: you are entering the same servers that are assigned to the domain.

  • The entered DNS server cannot be null: the field of the servers is empty, you need to enter the DNS servers you wish to assign and click on “Save Data”.

  • Could not make any changes. Please, try again or contact us: this error message is displayed at different situations. If you want us to analyze your case, please contact us.

Important: the modification of DNS servers takes approximately 5 to 24 hours to propagate.

For more information, please contact us.