If you have money in your Balance, you can enable automatic renewal. By this means of renewal, domains will be renewed automatically 14 days before the expiration date.

To activate automatic renewal you must go to the domain management:

And click on the option “automatic renewal”, which will switch to the “Enabled” state.

When you enable this option you will see a screen where you will be allowed to choose your preferred payment method for the automatic renewal.

If you select bank card, and you already have one enabled in the system, the option will be automatically enabled for the selected domain.

If haven’t previously enabled the card, the system will tell you and will give you instructions on how to do so.

When you click on “add a card now” you will be able to follow the steps needed to do so.

If you click on the button “Add card” you will be shown a confirmation window

Lastly, you will be shown a window to add the new card:

On the other hand, if you chose balance as the payment method and you had previously enabled the option, the domain and renewal will be automatically linked to the balance.

When automatic renewal is enabled, the “automatic renewal” icon will change to green in the “list of registered domains”

If you don’t have activated the balance, the system will redirect you to the option to add money to your deposit.

Our system processes all domains that have the automatic renewal option activated on a daily basis and before they reach 14 days prior to expiration it proceeds to renew them.

If for any reason you didn’t have enough money in your Balance to pay for the renewal, we will send you a message to your contact email informing you that the renewal could not be made and that you need to make a deposit in your account as soon as possible.